If you want to order our Craft Beer products in the USA please contact our sales representative:

Loeffler Chemical Corporation
200 Great Southwest Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30336-2308
Tel.: +1 404 629-0999
Fax.: +404 629-0690

About us


Erbslöh Geisenheim is the international specialist in the processing and finishing of fruit-based beverages and a leader in the fields of research, development and manufacture of treatment agents. We understand the specific requirements of the craft beer sector. Our practical, solution-oriented product concepts and our comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs are based on 50 years of in-depth beverage technology experience. We always have an eye to the future – nationally and internationally. Progress paves the way to the future. Here at Erbslöh, together with our customers we shape the future on a daily basis with:

  • our proprietary research and development and cooperation in the field of research,
  • first-hand quality assurance thanks to our own production facilities,
  • dedicated, expert advice and first-class service, and
  • a comprehensive range of products and solutions.