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Craft beer is our strength

From a to z - the perfect, compact range:


Indispensable for consistently high quality despite fluctuations in raw materials and especially when using alternative forms of grain. The specific effects of Erbslöh enzymes meet every requirement.

  • CraftZYM diamond

    Thermo-tolerant, fungal beta-glucanase (food grade) for glucan degradation during mashing and in tank beer without affecting foam stability. Mode of ....Detail

  • CraftZYM opal

    Thermo-tolerant bacterial alpha-amylase (food grade) for starch liquefaction of malt with raw grain adjuncts in single mash infusion processes. Mode ....Detail

  • CraftZYM tourmaline

    Alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase (ALDC - food grade), produced by a genetically engineered microorganism (GMO). For rapid taste harmonisation during ....Detail

  • CraftZYM garnet

    Plant-derived protease (food grade) from Carica papaya for cold stabilisation of tank beer and finished beer. Stabilised with SO2. Mode of ....Detail

  • CraftZYM quartz

    Highly concentrated glucoamylase (food grade) for the degradation of soluble starch. Mode of action:Complete saccharification of liquefied starch, ....Detail

  • CraftZYM ruby

    Fungal pentosanase/beta-glucanase complex (food grade) for the degradation of filtration-inhibiting colloids during production of top-fermenting ....Detail

  • CraftZYM citrine

    Highly concentrated alpha-amylase (food grade) for starch and glycogen degradation. Mode of action:Prevention and decomposition of colloidal haze in ....Detail

  • CraftZYM topaz

    Lysozyme (food grade) E1105 from chicken egg white. For suppression of unwanted microbiological activities of Gram-positive bacteria in mash, cold ....Detail

  • CraftZYM onyx

    Acidic fungal proteinase and fungal beta-glucanase (food grade). Combined product for the degradation haze-forming particles and to improve ....Detail

Craft Beer Yeasts

The dried yeast determines the beer’s subtlety and character.

  • BrewMasters German Classic W34/70 2G

    Active dry beer yeast for wide range of lager beers, pilsner style. Characteristics:The Weihenstephan yeast strain is the most used strain for ....Detail

  • BrewMasters Lager Yeast

    Bottom-fermenting yeast strain (lager yeast), strong and rapid fermentation, broad applicable temperature range (9-18 °C). Strong diacetyl ....Detail

  • BrewMasters Pilsner Style Yeast

    Bottom-fermenting yeast strain, strong and rapid fermentation, broad applicable temperature range (9-15 °C). Highly flocculating and settling after ....Detail

  • BrewMasters Ale Yeast

    Active dry beer yeast for wide range of top fermenting beers, english ale, IPA, stout, porter style. Strong and rapid fermentation, broad applicable ....Detail

  • BrewMasters Wheat Beer Yeast

    Active dry beer yeast for a wide range of wheat-beer style top-fermenting beers. Characteristics:Top-fermenting yeast strain, strong and rapid ....Detail

Yeast Nutrients

An even, optimum fermentation is ensured by minerals and essential vitamins.

  • CraftNutrient

    Highly efficient combination product consisting of diammonium phosphate and vitamin B1, essential minerals, zinc and yeast-stimulating factors from ....Detail

  • CraftBio-Nutrient

    Higher yeast activity and stronger fermentation speed are very important when organic raw material (malt) is used for beer production. All ....Detail


Perfection requires attention to detail. Uniqueness and individuality are at the heart of every craft beer. Erbslöh has everything covered with its craft brewer’s range.

  • CraftFoam

    Highly effective, powdered foam stabilizer that also has chill-proofing effect on beer. It is produced exclusively from selected yeast using a ....Detail

  • CraftGum

    Contains stable macromolecules which prevent colloidal haze in beer. Low doses measurably increase beer head retention.Detail

  • CraftTan Lemon

    Contributes to the enhancement of the lemon-floral aromatic components and improves the lemon-citrus structure without using special floral hop ....Detail

  • CraftTan Cherry

    It strengthens the notes: ripe, red fruits; flavours of cherry, raspberry and red fruits are generally enhanced. Pre-tests are recommended.Detail

  • CraftCarbon GE

    Removes undesirable flavours in beer. CraftCarbon GE is used to correct and harmonize taste and flavour components derived from raw materials and the ....Detail

  • CraftCarbon BI

    Excellently suitable to brighten beer colour in a targeted way. Can even be used for complete de-colorization. Foam stability is not affected. Can be ....Detail

  • CraftLactic acid

    Liquid (food grade) lactic acid specially for beer production. Pure lactic acid content: 80%. Ideal for pH correction in brewhouse (mash or wort).Detail

  • CraftRedox

    Special product consisting of potassium metabisulphite and vitamin C (L(+)-ascorbic acid). It provides comprehensive protection against oxidation and ....Detail

clarification & stabilization

You decide which technology to use in the brewing process for clarification and stabilization – Erbslöh provides you with support and an optimum solution.

  • CraftSol

    Highly concentrated liquid silica sol, specially designed for good clarification and stabilization of beer, which will not be filtered. CraftSol ....Detail

  • Craft-I-Glass

    “Ready-to-use” isinglass (collagen) solution for good clarification of beer. Created for good sedimentation of yeast and active reaction with ....Detail

  • CraftHydroSilica

    Hydrated silicagel with a moisture of ca. 30%. Perfect reaction with haze sensitive proteins also in unfiltered beer.Detail

  • CraftXeroSilica

    Dry xero silicagel with a moisture of ca. 10%. Highly purified, the silica reacts with haze-forming proteins and eliminates the polyphenol-protein ....Detail

  • CraftNitrogen

    Pea protein for clarification and stabilization of beer in “cold block” (fermentation and maturation). Recommended use in brewhouse for beer ....Detail

  • CraftBrewBent

    Sodium bentonite for a combined protein-polyphenol stabilization and perfect clarification for beers without filtration. Economic natural stabilizer.Detail

  • CraftPVPP

    Crosslinked PVPP for adsorption of haze sensitive polyphenols. Ideal dosing is in maturation or during filtration.Detail

  • CraftTan-Oak

    Specially selected and purified gallnut tannin. Its high charge potential makes it particularly suitable for clarification and stabilization of beer.Detail