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CraftZYM onyx

Acidic fungal proteinase and fungal beta-glucanase (food grade). Combined product for the degradation haze-forming particles and to improve filtration during beer production.

Mode of action:
Specially applied whenever the raw material malt causes problems which require the degradation of betaglucans. At the same time, proteins are decomposed to reduce stability problems and thus the formation of turbidity, improving the nitrogen supply of the beer yeasts.

Ideal product for faster gelatinization and saccharification during malt process and protein increase for better fermentation.

Dosing recommendation:
150 – 300 mL/t of adjuncts or weak malt, or 5 – 25 mL/100 L during fermentation or maturation.

PH range and temperature:
PH range 2.5 – 7.0, temperature range from 2 – 70 °C.