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CraftZYM garnet

Plant-derived protease (food grade) from Carica papaya for cold stabilisation of tank beer and finished beer. Stabilised with SO2.

Mode of action:
Special liquid enzyme to increase the degree of protein modification (Kolbach index) in brewing mashes and for chillproofing finished beer.

With the addition at fermentation with start the pitched yeast, there is an increase in alpha-aminonitrogen (yeast nutrient).

Dosing recommendation:
20 – 80 mL/t of malt, 1 – 3 mL/100 L during fermentation, 2 – 4 mL/100 L in beer during storage/in ageing, 1 – 2 mL/100 L in filtration.

PH range and temperature:
PH range 3.5 – 10.5, temperature range from 4 – 75 °C.