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CraftZYM topaz

Lysozyme (food grade) E1105 from chicken egg white. For suppression of unwanted microbiological activities of Gram-positive bacteria in mash, cold wort, yeast or green beer. Contains egg products.

Mode of action:
The effect is to prevent microbiological activities by the decomposition of murein – the substance supporting the cell walls of Gram-positive bacteria – until alcoholic fermentation starts.

No influence on taste and smell and no reaction with high molecular proteins which are sensitive to head retention.

Dosing recommendation:
150 ppm/hL cold wort, or 1.0 L of a 0.15% stock solution in 100 L recovered yeast.

PH range and temperature:
PH range 2.5 – 5.5, temperature range from 2 – 40 °C.